firework popping in night sky

Most professional firework shows last less than a half-hour, yet can take weeks, even months, to plan and create. While you may not have months to plan your next big firework show or a giant budget, you can still create a fantastic display that will impress your spectators. Whether you are planning a show for a family wedding or a community event, there are creative ways to make your firework display get the oohs and awes of a professional-grade show. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Plan your viewing and firing area. Knowing the size of the area where you will be firing your show is the first information you need to gather. Why? Because the size and type of fireworks you buy could be impacted by the area. You will need an area with no obstructions to fire, without combustible material. You also need to be able to place your firing area with a buffer zone between you and the spectators for their safety.
  • Know your budget. Whether you have a few thousand dollars or a few hundred to spend on your show, you need to plan your firework purchases based on your budget. The finale is the biggest expenditure – a good finale will be close to half of your budget. Once you decide what you have to spend, you can pick up your arsenal at one of our Alamo Firework stores or order online.
  • Plan for safety. Any professional show has a large amount of effort geared toward safety. You will need a flat, non-combustible surface for your firing area. You can have more than one firing station; using sheets of plywood can work well. You also need safety gear for those in the firing area, fire extinguishers, water buckets and first aid kits.
  • Blending effects. The trick to creating a professional-grade firework show is using different effects to make a dynamic event. Like a well-choreographed orchestra, there should be loud, exciting points, dramatic pauses and a blend of different components. For example, combining some short fountains with aerials can blend altitudes for a wonderful effect. Quiet moments of pure color followed by a fast-paced barrage of shells can keep your spectators entertained.
  • Make your finale spectacular. The last big event is what everyone is waiting for – it is better to have a shorter show with a memorable finale, than a long show without a dramatic ending. Put the largest amount of effort into your finale as well as your budget.

If this is your first time preparing a large firework show, let us help you make some great choices for your show. You can view many of our fireworks on our website so you know exactly what each one will look like during your show. You can also come into one of our Alamo Firework locations and talk to one of our friendly team members for personal assistance. We want to help you make your first big show great!

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