Every year the firework performances seem to get bigger and better, with record-breaking pyrotechnic displays to make people “oohh” and “ahhh” across the world. These amazing shows bring out the starry-eyed kid in even the most mature audience, magically transporting onlookers back in time. While there are always new comers into the best firework show category, here are 10 of the top performances that can always be counted on to be spectacular.

1. Times Square, New York. The New Year’s Eve firework performance in Times Square is world-famous. It is not just the giant ball dropping that millions of people watch every year; the grand display of fireworks is watched by many both in person and on the television.

2. London. Over the River Thames, after Big Ben announces the New Year, a fantastic performance lights up the London sky. Over 100,000 people can watch this incredible show from the South Bank, with many more spilling out into the London streets to catch a view.

3. Washington, D.C. It is appropriate that Washington, D.C. should have one of the best firework shows for Fourth of July. These begin their ascent into the sky from the pool in front of the Washington Monument, visible from all over the nation’s capital.

4. Berlin. New Year’s Eve in Berlin is a big party, with a big fireworks show to match. Between Bradenburg Gate and the Victory Column, visitors can look up to see one of the best shows in the world at midnight.

5. San Diego. For a beautiful combination of water and fire, head to San Diego for their Fourth of July celebration. From Coronado Island, the fireworks are propelled over San Diego’s Glorietta Bay for a glorious performance.

6. Rio de Janeiro. It is not a surprise that the colorful city of Rio also has one of the most intriguing fireworks show on New Year’s Eve. Off of Copacabana Beach, the Rio sky is stunning while reflecting off the warm ocean water below.

7. Sydney. Australia brings in the New Year with a bang every year with a firework performance over the iconic Sydney Opera House. The display is easily viewed throughout the city, from the Lawn to the Rocks south of Harbour Bridge.

8. Prague. New Year’s Eve in Prague is another one of the most famous places to view the best firework performances in the world. Old Town Square is packed with those celebrating the beginning of a New Year, with a light show to match the occasion.

9. San Antonio. Stars and stripes fill the sky in Texas each year in San Antonio, with one of the best Fourth of July firework displays in the country. This is a fantastic family event, dedicated to those who have served in the armed forces.

10. Dubai. You cannot discuss the top firework performances in the world and not talk about the Dubai New Year’s Eve spectacular event. Dubai has broken the Guinness record for the largest firework display, spending several million dollars on their show every year.

While these large firework performances are fantastic, it is always more fun to have your own. At Alamo Fireworks, we have a vast selection of quality fireworks so you can create your own masterpiece in the sky at your next big celebration.


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