Wish Fountain

Let the sparks fly!

Romance is about the unexpected, the excitement, the adventure, and what could better encompass all those things than fireworks! Instead of the tired old traditional Valentine’s Day fare, step outside the box and give your sweetheart something they don’t expect, something that expresses your love in a very creative, fun way. We thought we’d share some unique ideas for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

Let her make a wish at the fountain.

There is something so beautiful and quintessentially elegant about a fountain firework. They have the captivating flash of a sparkler, but the height and drama of a Roman candle. They are more low key that other fireworks, but that only adds to the breathtaking display. Arrange for some dreamy music and the two of you can share a romantic dance by the light of the sparkling fountain. She’ll remember it (and you) forever.

Give her cupcake some sparkle.

A cupcake with a sparkler has long been a sweet, romantic gesture for everything from birthdays to graduations – and they are usually of the plain, silver variety. What you may not realize is that sparklers come in a variety of colors. But if you really want to impress, these heart shaped sparklers will never disappoint! You can’t get more romantic than a sizzling heart atop a sweet, baked treat.

Give her flowers.

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day favorite, but when you give her these flowers you can bet it will be a first. Ground fireworks give a lovely display that is intimate enough to keep it just between the two of you. The Large Camelia Flower is a ground flower that gives off a stunning array of red and gold sparks. There’s also the Crackling Ground Bloom Flower, also a spinner with sparks of green, red and gold, along with delightful crackles. Now those are flowers she won’t forget!

Make her Valentine’s Day pop.

Add some pop to a toast or just delight her with a confetti-filled surprise by bringing a few party poppers to your romantic dinner. All you have to do is pull the string and colorful streamers and confetti are released with a pop! These are perfectly safe for indoor use, no fire needed. They’re even safe for children, with adult supervision, of course.

Show some sparkle with long exposure photography.

Set your camera’s shutter speed to long exposure and use a sparkler to “draw” a heart or “write” a sentiment. The camera will capture everything that happens while the shutter is open and what you will get is a somewhat blurred trail of the light source – wherever you directed it. If you “draw” a heart with a sparkler, then that is what the final picture will show. You can use the photo to make your own soppy, romantic Valentine’s Day card for a creative, fun, original twist.

Of course, a romantic fireworks display is always a hit too and we have everything you need to make it happen. Why not show us some love this Valentine’s Day while giving your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day she won’t soon forget. At Alamo Fireworks, we have a wide selection of romance ready fireworks that will ignite her passion and light her fire. You’ll be a romance legend for sure!

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