Fireworks explode behind the castle at Disney World.

At Alamo Fireworks, we love the magic of a good fireworks show. Whether it’s a small or large celebration, fireworks transform an ordinary party into an extraordinary soiree! Believe it or not, the one and only Walt Disney shared our love of fireworks, and when he opened Disneyland, he wanted to show visitors the enchantment fireworks provide to elevate the magic of his Magic Kingdom even more.

A year after Disneyland opened, Walt Disney added fireworks to the Wonderful World of Disney, creating not just a fireworks display, but also a show that added light and color, and of course, Disney magic, creating a memorable performance visitors would never forget.

As time went on, Walt Disney commissioned only the best pyrotechnic and professional fireworks crews, bringing to life the most beloved Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Goofy and more. Today, the fireworks show incorporates lasers, lights, animations and other components that elevate the story, showcasing the magic with beautiful lights, colors and explosions, creating memories for people of all ages.

And while the world lost Walt Disney a long time ago, the magic lives on, not only through the whimsical way he viewed the world, but the way he knew the value of entertainment: the more colorful, the more experiential, the more “wow,” the better.

At Alamo Fireworks, we understand fireworks add a layer of wonder to any event – and aren’t just for the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. That’s why Alamo Fireworks provides fireworks year-round, allowing you to order online any time of year! Check out our various Alamo Fireworks locations throughout Texas, New Mexico and Nevada, and make your next event one you’ll never forget! Want to see Alamo Fireworks in action? Check out our Alamo Fireworks YouTube channel for the most popular items that are sure to add a “bang” to your next party!

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