We have a number of new improvements to share with you:

This blog: We hope to give you insight into what is going on within the industry and our business.New stores, new stands, new items.Heck, we will even plan to invite you to help us name new items, win prizes, and save money.There is a lot going on in China, so we will keep you abreast of all that affects us, and you.

News: Did you know, we just opening our first two locations outside of Texas? Las Vegas/Armagosa Valley opened May 2 just outside California. Lanett, Alabama is due to open June 6. Lanett is located just over the border from Georgia.

A Complete and up-to-date product catalog: Our last catalog publication happened three years ago.As you all know, things change at the speed of light in business.Ours is no different.We will keep you up-to-date on our current assortment, looking forward to new items?This website will answer your questions on what and when.We typically introduce 4-8 items each season.Check in to find out all the newest information.As we clear slower sellers, this new format will help us let you know about clearance opportunities.

Product videos and reviews: Want to know what an item will do when lit?Watch our exclusive product video to truly shop the item before you buy it.Read reviews.Listen to what others say good or bad- before you spend your hard-earned dollars.Popped something and have an opinion?Let us know.Look for customer-driven ratings and reviews.We want you to be a smart consumer.After all, Alamo Fireworks has the best customers on the planet!

Our locations will be updated on line: With Google maps providing a level of detail you’ve never seen from us. As locations change, www.alamofireworks.com will have all the updates. Not only will you be able to find the nearest Alamo Fireworks store, you’ll be able to make use of Google Maps to get directions.We hope this saves you time and gas money.

Coupons: We will go from having one coupon on line per season to rewarding you for watching us.Look for several coupons throughout the year.Check in frequently, print them off, save money.

We at Alamo Fireworks have a lot going on.We hope this site and these tools make it easier to shop us.We look forward to hearing from you.

Pete Kohrs, Director of Marketing

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