We’ve been working on extending the dates + rules for Shooter’s Sites in Nye County, Nevada and need your help!

We’re working to have more shooting dates year-round and host open shoots (regardless of whose 1.4g product it is!). Right now, we can only have shoots during the week up to the 4th of July.

To succeed we need any and all of you to write and or email the Nye County County Commissioners in support of our efforts.

We are on the agenda for 10/21 and they’ll likely put us on public hearing sometime in Nov.

The proposed modification to the fireworks ordinance would allow the local town (Amargosa Valley) to set most of the rules and dates for the shooter’s site. This is a very good thing!

Here are the Commissioners and their contact info:


IF you write, please be courteous and respectful! Important to the commissioners is commerce and visitors. What carries weight is if you say something like:

“Please support the item listed as 32A on the 10/21/08 agenda, which would allow unincorporated towns in Nye to set rules and dates for consumer fireworks Shooter’s Sites.

I’m from XYZ City/State and this would encourage me to visit Nye County and spend my money there and in Amargosa Valley. Right now, I go to Moapa, New Mexico, etc. but this change would make me visit your county.”

(Best to use your own words!)

Anyway, any help is appreciated. Emails are good but letters are better since spam filters catch a lot of emails. Sending both is best!

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