Family enjoying fireworks

Have you ever wondered where the fireworks that you use to celebrate so many festive occasions are made? Every firecracker and aerial shell has been carefully created for your enjoyment, with many people employed along the way. It all starts in the firework factories, where thousands of people work day in and day out. Not only do these employees need to know how to manufacture fireworks, they also must wear certain clothing and equipment for safety.

Safety First, Starting with Clothing

So, what is the standard uniform for a firework factory worker? The biggest concern when working with fireworks is any type of spark. A tiny spark, even from static electricity, can be risky when you are surrounded by tons of gunpowder in the form of fireworks. Safety equipment and gear are often used, such as goggles, gloves and other items. But what do the workers wear to prevent sparks? Cotton.

In many firework factories, workers are required to wear only cotton clothing and undergarments. Cotton is one of the few materials you can wear that is neutral and does not attract or release electrons when it comes in contact or rubs against other materials. This is a highly important factor in the reduction of static electricity, which can be very dangerous in a firework factory. Silk, wool, nylon, leather and almost any other clothing material can create a positive charge that can lead to a spark of static electricity when rubbed against a material that has a negative charge. Skin against polyester, hair against plastic or silk against glass have a high chance of static electricity. However, since cotton is neutral, it does not have the same risks as most other materials.

What About Other Firework Businesses?

Once fireworks leave the factory, they go through many distribution phases before they end up in consumer hands. Warehouse and shipping employees may handle fireworks, but the fireworks usually are carefully packaged for protection. When they finally arrive at a retail location like one of our Alamo Fireworks stands, they are carefully stored for safety.

We have many partners that take advantage of the opportunity to run a stand. The firework stand managers and employees must adhere to safety standards, but since the fireworks are in protective packaging, there is little risk from static electricity. We have strict safety procedures that protect our employees and those who manage a firework stand as a moneymaking opportunity. Wearing only cotton is not necessary, but never a bad idea when you will work with anything that is combustible.

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