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With Independence, Labor, Memorial Day and the summer quickly approaching, it’s tempting to stock up and overindulge in our favorite fiery festivities. But when the celebration is over and you’re left with a healthy stockpile of fireworks, what do you do?

Admittedly, fireworks aren’t cheap and discarding them after your celebrations isn’t the best course of action. Alamo Fireworks has found the best tips to help you decide what to do with your leftover fireworks once the party is over.

While it can be tempting to fire off all your leftover fireworks in one summer finale, you don’t have to rush their use. When stored safely and correctly, fireworks can actually last for years.

First, find a safe, cool, dry place to store your fireworks, preferably in your garage or an outdoor storage to avoid accidental indoor incidents. Despite common misconceptions, it is safe to store fireworks in hot, dry places as they only ignite when the lighter is exposed to a direct flame, not general heat in a storage facility. Though if you’re still worried and want to ensure safety, avoid storing them in your attic or other places that typically experience high heat.

Naturally, avoid storing your leftovers in areas where they can be exposed to moisture or humidity. For assured efficacy, select boxes that can be tightly sealed and solely dedicated for fireworks. Tightly sealed packaging will ensure that your stockpile is safe from environmental humidity and moisture, potentially ruining them and rendering them unsafe.

Though if you’re moving or uninterested in storing your fireworks in your home, there are other safe disposal options.

We all love the environment and want to protect the planet, but you can’t recycle fireworks. Whether it’s blue bins, green bins or special hazardous waste disposal sites, for safety reasons fireworks cannot be accepted by recycle facilities. If you are committed to disposing of them, you can soak your fireworks in water for about 20 minutes and discard of them with your normal trash, but be sure you’ve soaked all of them to render your fireworks ineffective and prevent an accidental incident with your neighborhood’s sanitation workers.

Just because firework season is over doesn’t mean the celebration has to end. Safely storing them in a cool, dry place lets you keep your fiery festivities for the next big shindig. If the local professional sports team wins or there’s a birthday celebration, you’ll be prepared for the occasion.

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