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For the holidays that feature beautiful fireworks displays, have you ever wondered who sets them up? Do you wonder what it takes to be allowed to work with and test fireworks? Do you know what a pyrotechnics engineer does? We’re here to answer all the burning questions you might have. There are actually a few options you can choose that would allow you to work with display fireworks.

Display Operator Certification

According to Pyrotechnics Guild international (PGI), a Display Operator certification is essential. We think so too. The courses required to become certified focus on safety practices including the transportation, handling, storage, planning, setup and operation of 1.3G display fireworks. It is a nationally recognized training program and you don’t have to be a PGI member to become a PGI Certified Display Operator.

State License

PGI certification is nationally recognized, however, your state may require a state-mandated pyrotechnics operator license. For instance, Texas requires a Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operator’s License. To receive the license, you must pass the Fireworks Special Effects Operator TFM06 test with the State Fire Marshal. Keep in mind that even after you pass the test and receive your license, don’t forget to apply for your fireworks permit!

Pyrotechnics Engineering

If you want to take your pyrotechnics educations further, you can get your degree in chemical engineering. Unfortunately, there isn’t a formal education program to become a pyrotechnics engineer. An extensive background in physics and chemistry will help you learn about the different chemical compounds that go into fireworks and ensure that you’re making precise measurements. The combination of science and safety will help you create better performing and beautiful fireworks.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or want to become a serious pyrotechnic, taking a course in fireworks and fireworks safety can only benefit you.

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