You’ve heard record setting for world’s longest fingernails, longest beard, fastest human and the list can go on – do you know the records set for fireworks? There are more than you can imagine ranging from most fireworks rockets to most high explosives detonated in a film stunt. Today, we’re sharing with you the ones we thought were truly explosive, according to the Guinness World Records.

Six Explosive Fireworks Records

  1. The Catherine wheel is famously known as the pinwheel firework that rotates when ignited, spinning its colored flame and sparks. In 2011, the Lily Fireworks Factory in Mqabba, Malta created the largest Catherine wheel firework, measuring 105 feet and 1.56 inches in diameter.
  2. With approximately 2,454 feet and 0.81 inches in diameter, the largest aerial firework shell was fired. It shot 2,700 feet up, blooming into a rosette during the 2015 Japanese Katakai – Matsuri Festival.
  3.  Dubai is known for their extravagant fireworks shows. In 2013, they shot off the most fireworks per minute: 79,941 fireworks per MINUTE. In 2015, they shot off the highest firework on a building, the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building standing at 2,716 feet and 6 inches.
  4. If you think adding music is the only thing you can do for your senses at a fireworks show, think again. During the 2013-14 NYE fireworks show in London, food scientists partnered with pyrotechnics to create the first multi-sensory firework display. This meant that different fireworks matched certain fruity flavors. There was also edible banana confetti, orange-flavored smoke and strawberry mist.
  5. Speaking of taste, in 2002, Nestlé fired off the largest chocolate firework, measuring almost five feet in diameter. Where does the chocolate come in? When it was lit and exploded, the tasty firework released 132 pounds of chocolate.

There are many world fireworks records that have not been completed and are waiting to be shattered. If this gives you any inspiration, remember: professional pyrotechnics and engineers are usually the ones setting these records and safety first!

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