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Our beginnings are heavily rooted in making happy memories – we were officially incorporated in 1962, but our roots go back as early as the 1930s when the Cannon family sold fireworks door-to-door. Fun Fact – Alamo Fireworks is actually the oldest independent fireworks company in Texas. Boom!

The American Dream

Mary Cannon married Harvey Girdley, and the rest was history. Together they settled in San Antonio and grew the business all across the Lone Star State. Today, Alamo Fireworks has over 160 retail locations and more indoor stores than any other vendor in Texas! We also light up the skies in New Mexico, and New Nevada.


Host that party. Light those fireworks. We’ve got you. Our mission is to provide quality fireworks that create happy memories for our customers. So whether you’re celebrating a national holiday or a special occasion with our fireworks, you can count on us. No duds allowed!



the history of fireworks & America

1770’s - The U.S. Settlers

Early settlers brought their love of fireworks to the U.S. and John Adams envisioned a bright fourth of July - “It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade... bonfires and illuminations”. The nation used fireworks to celebrate American independence and has done so ever since.

1830’s - Colorful Explosions

A group of Italian families experimented with fireworks, adding different metals to the mixture to create the colorful explosions we see in the skies today. Before this, fireworks were…. well, fire-colored.

1930’s - The Cannon Family

The Cannon family saw a business opportunity and began selling fireworks door-to-door out of handbaskets in Sherman, TX.

1940 - The Girdley Marriage

The business continued off and on until Harvey Girdley and Mary Cannon were married during WWII. Together, they took over the business, introduced operating stands and started selling wholesale fireworks.

1958 - The Move to San Antonio

After realizing the cold winters of North Texas were not for them, the Girdley family relocated to San Antonio, TX in 1958 - this is when the name “Alamo Fireworks” came about.

1962 - Alamo Fireworks Went Official

Alamo Fireworks, Inc. was officially incorporated as a Texas corporation in 1962 (it is the oldest independent fireworks company in Texas!)

1960’s - Advocacy and Lobbying Groups for the American Fireworks Industry

As well as serving as the founding President of Alamo, Harvey Girdley was also a president of The American Pyrotechnics Association and a founding member of The Texas Pyrotechnic Association. Through his dedication to fireworks safety, Alamo played an instrumental role in fireworks reform, including banning dangerous explosives in Texas.

1970’s - The Megastores

Alamo Fireworks began concentrating more on retail fireworks sales. In fact, Alamo was the first fireworks company to open indoor fireworks megastores in West and Central Texas.

1990’s - Booming in Business

By the time the 1990s came around, Alamo Fireworks was thriving in both the retail and wholesale business.

2008 - Expansion Outside of Texas

In 2008, Alamo Fireworks went national! Alamo celebrated the opening of new stores outside of Texas in New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Today and Beyond - Creating Happy Memories

Today, Alamo has more indoor stores than any other vendor in Texas. We are dedicated to creating happy memories that last a lifetime for our customers all across the nation.