About Us

While Alamo Fireworks was officially founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1962, its roots began eight decades ago in Sherman, Texas when the Cannon family sold fireworks door-to-door.

When Mary Cannon married Harvey Girdley, they eventually settled in San Antonio, and sold wholesale fireworks and operating fireworks stands, growing the business across Texas. Today, Alamo Fireworks is the oldest independent fireworks company in Texas.

Girdley served as Alamo Firework’s founding president, and was a founding member of the American Pyrotechnics Association, the leading fireworks advocacy and lobbying group. Through Girdley’s leadership and vision, as well as his dedication to fireworks safety, Alamo Fireworks played an instrumental role in fireworks reform, including banning dangerous explosives like M-80s and bottle rockets in Texas.

During the 1970s and 80s, Alamo Fireworks began concentrating more on retail fireworks sales, expanding from just a few stands in San Antonio to more than 200 fireworks stands and stores located throughout Texas. In fact, Alamo Fireworks was the first fireworks company to open indoor fireworks megastores in West and Central Texas, with 30 megastores located in Texas, today.

Alamo Fireworks sells fireworks in Texas, New Mexico, New Hampshire and Nevada, and expansion plans are underway to add additional states.